Art in my elements



The art of breathing- sound simplistic but pranayama is the other half of yoga. This is our life source. I wanted to say this is an art form the way I visualize where the air goes in my body, the colour and how it creates shapes and symbols.


Now back to the earth- literally! Tilling and feeling the warm black dirt feeling it with my bare hands and digging it and planting the seeds, watching it grow; nurturing it, designing and dreaming how it looks like and seeing the nasturtium and hydrangea blooms and the beautiful cherry tomatoes and peas climbing gracefully in the dead tree trunk. And this all started with dry pile of earth.


Playing with water and dipping the paint brush in red acrylic paint is a highlight of my day. Just letting the water drip, drip and marry the paint and watch. I never thought intuitive painting will bring so much excitement. And yes this muddy water can also produce a rough portraiture of Frieda Kahlo or some random whimsical women. But some days just letting the water move or maybe listening to the rhythm of the raindrops even how the sound of the falls or how Saskatchewan River creates that symphony that the geese hovering blends in.


Yeah playing with fire can be dangerously delicious with caution –ha ha ha- I know I may sound like a witch! I hope a good one! J But I do love to concoct herbs, weeds (ahem dandelion), unwanted (but edible) leaves like jalapeno, and many my family will consider “weird” veggies, cooking from nothing whatever is available, whatever will perish (because I truly hate waste) and somehow try to convert this into a feast of something- making it as beautiful and delightful and mostly from my yard or from someone that I know which makes the product more pleasant and produces feeling of integrity.

            And of course my love (addiction actually) in reading books, 99.9% from my beloved Strathcona County Library! And my yearning and deep desire of writing which surprisingly I was able to complete the Poetry Challenge in April during quarantine and I owe this to Writers Foundation of Strathcona!


It’s been more than a week of trying to stay at home due to this unprecedented world wide crisis we’re going through right now- the Corona Virus or COVID19.

Started in China, then Italy became the epicenter, then the United States and then now in Canada. I thought it was surreal- like a bad dream but it is still happening as we speak. The whole of California is in lock down right now. All of the schools, recreation centers, most public places, hotels and restaurants are closed. All events are cancelled! Almost everyone was told to stay at home! Social distancing is the word! Toilet paper is the number one consumer item; along with Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. We are lucky to have the modern technology to meet virtually through Zoom, to practice Yoga, to exercise to chat to watch concerts online. To see friends and family through FaceTime and Facebook video calls. I am thankful that I can take a walk outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. I am happy that I have the comforts of home, enjoy home cooked meals and drive to the grocery store to get the necessities. At the onset of this I felt the fear and uncertainty that is all over the news and the social media. My daughter was so confused when all the school and social events were cancelled! It was her 17th birthday and the whole world seem focused on the fear! And I was one of them- but I tried to pause and listen to my heart and tune inwards. There is HOPE- we can do this together! We can prevent this to envelope our whole beings- we can fight this virus! We have FAITH- we know that if we have good health and common sense to make smart choices: boost our immune system by eating good, healthy food, have restful and good night’s sleep, keep our surroundings clean and WASH OUR HANDS! We can overcome this. God’s got this too! We pray and encourage each other. WE CAN DO THIS! It is possible- to flatten the curve! We have to be PATIENT. This will take time. But in the meantime, busy ourselves with good stuff. Let’s be THANKFUL, let’s be ACTIVE, let’s be HAPPY together! Let’s defeat this virus COVID19!

AnyTing Yoga

So excited to be teaching Yoga at iava Wellness for the first time! I felt well supported and loved by old and new friends! I had six people came out! I had the “practicum” feeling again but was good- a little bit emotional but I thought it went well!

Then right after the #SELFLOVE Yoga Flow trikonasa ting– went straight to Seniors’ Home for my Gentle Restorative Chair Yoga. I told them about my mother who had an SCI (spinal column injury) last year but thank God she’s back on her feet and starting to dance again! They were receptive and hope to do this again with them soon.

Also had my Yoga 1010 at the King’s University! Yess got to demo some standing asanas (poses) with the students, faculty and staff. Dispelled the notion that you need to be flexible to do Yoga! NOT!

Still very nervous about my yoga classes though- need to practice my sequence, need to curate my playlist, need to promote in social media ( i have to admit-not my favorite because of self promotion but I need people to come otherwise….) need to time my transition, need to prep my aromatherapy, need to internalize and meditate.

Yeah lots & lots of things to do all Yoga related. But I still love, love yoga! Anything yoga! 🙂